About Ron Roy

Ron Roy grew up in Texas and is proud to be a part of the “baby boomer” generation. He is considered to be a true “Renaissance Man” achieving numerous accomplishments throughout his life and career. He loves nature and animals and has surfed, skiied, camped, and fished throughout his life -- enjoying the beauty, spiritual solitude, and inner peace that nature offers. As a young boy, he was hospitalized and near death. While unconscious, he experienced a feeling of being in a dark tunnel being pulled toward an intense lightat its end. This was decades before such things had ever been discussed... and it was very confusing to him.Like so many of his generation, his late teens were a turbulent time in his life with a tremendous amount of social upheaval. It was a time of searching for “a meaning to it all”…a time when many felt that “God Is Dead”. That’s when he experienced his second “out of body” experience... A beautiful... enlightening... deeply spiritual experience that  forever changed his life! “I was terribly unhappy and even considered ending my life”. says Roy “It was the end of the sixties and I had experimented with drugs and felt life just wasn’t worth living. I became so depressed that I even sought medical help and it’s during that time I experienced my “journey to the light”. “It shook me to my very foundation ... but also showed me that we all have a higher spiritual purpose to our lives -- that we all are given specific gifts that are meant to be used to spread light and eliminate darkness” says Roy “I am not what most people would call ”religious” ... but my faith in Jesus is the central most important aspect of my existence”. “The love, compassion, and acceptance He showed me opened me to an entire new life ... filled me with hope... and changed me forever”. “I hope that the vision of Christ that I’m now sharing can be used throughout the world to create a positive and loving impression of Jesus -- one that  people of all ages, races, and faiths can relate to - especially children. It’s an image that’s gotten me through my life... and is one that I will always carry in my heart”.Ron Roy is currently “semi-retired” from a life in the entertainment industry where he has had a successful career as an actor, producer, and director. He is the creator of the critically acclaimed Moodtapes nature/relaxation DVD/CD series and has produced, directed, and appeared on network television shows. His original instrumental music has charted “Top Twenty - Coast to Coast” and he has won numerous international video awards. He has also been featured as a celebrity guest on numerous national television talk shows such as Entertainment Tonight, The 700 Club, and Oprah. Jesus Smiles On Us Christ In the Light Out of Body Experience Obe Tunnel Christian
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